Monday, June 30, 2008


A friend of mine posted a love/hate list and that made me really want to do that. So here we go....

I love.......when Glenn holds my boys run and give me a "sqeeze" see a rainbow.......smell the air after a summer rain.........the first sight of the ocean when we are driving to the beach........ranch dressing on my baked potato..........listening to music.....going for a Sunday afternoon drive........but yet my Sunday afternoon make my boys job for the most be needed.........taking pictures..........Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Pepsi........myspace and facebook (i'm addicted) swim in a clean swimming take a hot long bath.........cappacino in the winter...........the color pink.......the number 14 (don't ask why just always have)..........singing and dancing with my boys..........reality do for others and make others happy.

I hate......slow drivers........rude people who work for the public........meatloaf.........when Glenn and I fuss/fight........sick, humid weather (so does my hair)........when Glenn watches wrestling.......the cost of gas these days........having to drive so far to go on a real vacation..........having to try and work out babysitters.........DHEC.......classical music.......jealous people......anyone who is rude/mean to my children......bills......sweet tea when it has just been hair most days.......being fat........that I cannot give my boys more that they have already!!!

Just wanted to share these thoughts. I also want to add that my friends have played a big part in my life. I have been so lucky to really find some real true friends. It is so hard in life to have one true friend and I have been so blessed to have a few. I have enjoyed spending time with them so much lately. Glenn does not mind it when I go out and have "girl time" or "girl's night out." I think that all moms and wives need that time. Although I don't get to see them all as much as I would like, I don't forget them at all. This may seem a little weird to blog but just wanted to get my feelings out there. Gosh, I'm such an open book huh??? I really admire my friend Stephanie. She has been through so much in her life at such a young age and she always seems to move forward in a way that I don't understand. She is such a strong person and I am so very blessed that God has put us in each other's paths. Not sure that I am the best person for her but she has been one of the best people for me. And for "mean girl's" I love you both so much. What in the world would I do daily without having you both. Oh well, gonna run and stop all of the mushy stuff. Just wanted everyone to know what life has been like for me lately.

It's been a while!

Boy hasn't life been so busy lately. We went camping this past weekend at Hawe Creek. My mom and step dad and brother and his family all went too. We had a great time. It was really nice to spend that time with my brother since I don't get to be with him much these days. The weather was wonderful, hot during the day but not unbearable. At night, it was warm but wind blew and that made it very nice in the evenings. The boys of course enjoyed having Nanny and Papa and Allison and Karrie there to play with. I think that by Sunday afternoon we were all ready to get home to our homes though. Now, it's back to the nitty gritty of life. It's going to be a short week since the 4th of July is Friday. That is nice. Well, not much more to share right now but will keep posting as I have time. WOW, where do the days go???

Monday, June 16, 2008

"Busy Bees" as usual

This past week has been really busy in the Shaw household. On Friday, NHC had their annual golf tournament at Stoney Point and we were all out there from about 9:30 am until about 7:30 pm. We had alot of fun but it was so very hot!!! The boys spent the night with Nanny and Papa, thank goodness. Saturday morning we had a t-ball game and then a birthday party. Saturday evening we went to VBS kickoff pool party and then Sunday was full of Father's Day stuff. We were in Honea Path all day. The boys start summer camp tomorrow at The Learning Express and then another t-ball game tomorrow night. Gosh, should I just keep going???? Life is so very busy. I did manage to get in a little swimming with the boys today at the Lander pool. Not much else to tell other than I am really ready for a vacation away. We are planning to go camping in the next couple of weeks for a few days but I'm really ready to get out of town further than Hawe Creek in McCormick. Oh well, hopefully soon. Well, gonna run. Eli is having a hard time going to bed tonight and it is already 9:45pm.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My T-Ball Star!!

Will had his very first t-ball game this morning and PRAISE THE LORD, he played the entire game without crying that he was hot, hungry, tired or he just didn't want to play. He did so well and Glenn and me were so very proud of him. He had to hits and two runs. Of course both teams were winners and there were no losers but the Dodgers (Will's team) really won. I could not have told him enough how very proud I was of him. Glenn was pretty excited too. Next week will be another story. Who knows from day to day how he will act. I guess that is a 4 year old for you. Right now he is trying to get me to say "CHEESBURGER" and he is pretending to take my picture. Eli has my duster and is using it and saying "tickle tickle." Okay now it is "mommy say french fry." Guess what, he got a good picture of me. These boys are so funny sometimes. I got some really good pics of Will this morning at his game and I hope and pray that I will get them on here to share. If by chance I don't get them here, please check out myspace at Well, gotta run and finish cleaning house. My Daddy's side of the family is coming over tomorrow for lunch after church. Gotta have a half decent house for the fam. Later................

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Surgery Update!

We had to be at The Outaptient Surgery Center yesterday morning at 7:00am but they did not take Eli back until about 8:00am. This made for a long wait, especially for him since he could not have anything to eat or drink that morning. He did well in those circumstances though. Finally Dr. Rust and Dr. Harwell (LOVE BOTH OF THEM) came and talked to us and the nurse took him back. Eli never blinked an eye. He went right with the nurse. Glenn and I told him that he was going to see another room in the Dr's office. After about 7 minutes or so, Dr. Rust came and got us and said that everythink went great and that he was still asleep in recovery. He even gave me his old tubes in a cloth napkin. HOW GROSS. I actually threw them away once we were home. Once we walked into the recovery room, out little boy was laying there sound asleep with those beautiful little lips puckered out. He looked so precious. Then the nurse had to put drops in his ears and tried waking him up. He was a little disoriented from the anesthesia and cried just a bit but once I gave him his "pappy" and he saw and heard Glenn and me he was fine. He drank some apple juice and even started talking and pointing at the "elphants" and "pooh" on the wall. He did so well. He only had to stay in recovery for about 30 minutes. Once home, he ate, drank and played. He never missed a beat. Just wanted to let you all know how he did and thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers, phone calls and emails and of course the peach pie from Holly. We are so glad that it is over and hopefully his ears will not bother him anymore. I will blog later about Will's t-ball pictures and practice tonight. I have some pics that I need to post but who knows if I will ever get them on here.