Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm so glad that it is Friday and the end of this week. It has been pretty stressful at work this week with Pre-Survey going on. I'm so glad that is over. We have had a pretty busy week otherwise. We have had hair appointments, picture appointments, t-ball practice, end of school parties and the last day of school was today. Today is my 33rd birthday and I have been very blessed to have so many family and friends call or send cards wishing me a happy birthday. That means so much!! Tonight we will be going to my niece Carrie's 1st birthday party. Gosh, where does the time go?? It is so sad that my baby Eli is getting so big. I don't really have a "baby" anymore. He is getting to be so big. I just wish that I could get him to sleep all night and get his passy away from him. If you are reading and have any ideas, please let me know. He has his surgery for tubes on Monday and hopefully after the surgery he will sleep all night. I wonder if his ears bother him at night. Will is doing much better with t-ball practice. He still has a way to go but don't they all. He runs after every ball that is hit no matter where he is on the field. The coach has to "remind" him to run after hitting the ball. Then he just keeps running when they are suppsed to stop at each base. It is actually pretty amusing. Cannot wait until his first game. It ought to be very interesting.
Please pray that Eli does well with his surgery. It will only take about 5-10 minutes but I just hope that it fixes the problem and he can sleep and be pain free. He is such a happy boy to be so miserable at times. Well, I will update next week on the happenings of our family. Until then......

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tons of Fun!!!!

I had so much fun this weekend! On Friday night, me and the boys spent the night with my mom in HP since we were having a yard sale on Saturday morning. I did not do all that well but that was ok. I just enjoyed being with moma and my klone, Stephanie. On Saturday evening, me, Glenn and Steph went to Freedom Weekend Aloft to see Montgomery Gentry. We had SOOOO much fun. Of course we acted like a bunch of teenage cheerleaders but it still was a blast. Glenn enjoyed laughing at us!! The boys stayed the night again with Nanny and Papa which allowed for a couple of extra hours of sleep on Sunday morning. After church, I went to the race in Charlotte with my sister-n-law Suzy and her mom, sister and brother-n-law. We had a great time! The weather was great, while the sun was up. We laughed alot!! Suzy and I got a little worried when we found ourselves being invited to some party in a tent on Moorehouse Road. Where is that anyway??? JK. I did not get home until 3:30 this a.m. so naturally I am exhausted. But I guess when you play you pay. I am looking forward to spending a quiet evening at home with my family tonight and getting some much needed rest. Steph, if you are reading, you are SOOO my hero. Love ya bunches girl!! DUDE, slow downe COWBYO! HAHAH JK!! Suzy, tell your mom thanks a bunches I had so much fun laughing at the 3 of ya'll. Well enough jibber jabber. Gotta go get some quick rest before the boys wake up. OOPS! Too late for that! Until next post...............

Oh yeah, don't want to forget to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. Thank you Eddie for the sacrifice you made while being deployed. Glenn and I love you and appreciate you even more since going to Kuwait!! You are a true HERO!! Memorial Day takes on a new meaning when someone you love makes a sacrifice for you and your country!! Take time today to remember all of those who have served, who are serving and those who have lost their lives so that you can be FREE!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Busy Life!!!

Wow! Where do I start. We have been so busy and don't seem that there is a break anywhere in sight anytime soon. We have been going to birthday parties, starting T-ball practice for Will and end of school parties/events. Yes, Will is playing T-ball for the YMCA this year. He has only had one practice so far but did really well. It is definately going to be interesting. He only has 7 games. FUN FUN FUN!! We had a great time at their end-of-school program on Monday night. Will sang and Eli was in a short slide show. Then we had hotdogs and ice cream off of the ice cream truck. It was a fun night! We are going to have another yard sale on Saturday and whatever is left will be given away. Between school, ball, church, working, parties and get togethers with families, there is not much time for anything else. The boys will be going to "Camp Curiosity" this summer which is a 7 week program at the Learning Express. Looking forward to that. Couple of vacations planned, camping and the beach. Eli has his surgery for tubes on the 2nd. Cannot wait to get that over with. I started him on ANOTHER antibiotic b/c his ears have been hurting him. Hopefully it will aleviate the pain until the surgery. Well, enough jabbering. Nothing special. Oh yeah, I did have a great Mother's Day. The boys (& daddy of course) gave me a chimnia (spg??) and took me out to eat at Nagoya's (Japanese). It was SOOOO yummy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new chimnia. I could sit out by it every night. Well, gonna run and put another load of clothes in the washing machine and one in the dryer. Will keep you updated on the Shaw clan!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Poor Eli!!!

We just got back from seeing Dr. Rust at the E.N.T. and did not get good results. Eli is going to have to have ANOTHER set of tubes. We scheduled to get them on June 2nd. I really hate it for him but Dr. Rust said that his hearing is now suffereing. He said that Eli's hearing is the noise like me putting my fingers in my ears. He also had fluid on both ears. He was SUCH a good boy though. Our appt was at 1:45 and we were there until about 3:45. Neither boy had a nap but is out like a light now. Please just pray for my sweet little baby. I already know that the surgery will do a world's good but I just hate for him to have to go through this again. Just ready for him to feel like himself. He is always such a happy boy!! Just a short post today.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mountain Madness!!!!

We are back from a well needed vacation. We headed to the Tenessee mountains with friends, Zonya and Kevin Helms and their 2 kids, John Ayden and Kiersten Daye. We left out on Sat. and came back yesterday. It was a very relaxing vacation!! The guys fished every morning on the lake which was where our cabin was. Zonya & me just kinda hung out with the kids during the day. We played outside, played in the hot tub, layed out in the sun, watched movies and cartoons and caught up on much needed sleep. The evenings were filled with dinner out and a couple of nights of taking the kids to ride rides. Zonya and I did get a few "mommy moments" without the husbands and kids. We shopped at the outlets for what was supposed to be about 6 hours and ended up being only about 4 (you know daddy cannot do it alone for very long). They did take the kids to the Bass Pro Shop to see the fish (honestly who was that for, they had only been 2 times already since we had gotten there) and then took them to a walk through Dinosaur Museum, which the boys absolutlely loved and talked about. We also went for ice cream one night and the boys loved playing with the fish that Glenn and Kevin caught. While the guys were trying the clean the fish, the boys would pick them up and put them into the kiddie pool. They thought that they needed to swim. They had a blast doing that. The trip was fun filled. Will did get car sick as we were coming down the mountain to leave. John Ayden got sick once while in hot tub. Other than that, everything really went smoothly. I think everyone was ready to get home as you always are. I will try and post pics so that everyone can see. Now I am ready for my next vacation..... hahahahhahahah!!!