Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yes, I know that it has been forever since I have blogged but goodness the time just gets away from me. Thought I would try and update on you quickly b/c it's really my bedtime. So, we have just finished Will's fall soccer season. He LOVED it and definately will play again in the spring. He did really well and was great at being goaly (splg??) He and Eli both are getting so big and just getting more mature everyday. Eli is at such a fun stage right now, learning different words and using lots of sentences that actually make sense. He is full of life and just the happiest little fella ever. He has the biggest and prettiest smile. He can say his ABC's and count to 10. He can identify circles and the letter "W" and "E." He is learning so much and just not a "baby" anymore. Will continues everyday to amaze me too. He says stuff that sounds like it should be coming from an adult, which is so funny. On another note, he continues to have a really bad chronic cough. We have been to the Dr. so many times recently, had chest x ray done and on RX cough med. Nothing showed up on x-ray and nothing has seemed to help. He coughs worse while sleeping but also coughs during the day at times. He gets to coughing and cannot stop. It is so irritating for all of us, mostly to him I'm sure. A respiratory therapist at the center is tryng to help me with testing for asthma. I hope that its not but really just want to know what to do to help him. Glenn and me have been busy with normal daily lives. We both have joined the gym with hopes in getting in shape for our cruise in Feb. We are looking forward to that lots. Well, I could go on and on but Glenn has left me for bed and he hates to go to bed alone so I will go for now but will try and post more later.