Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life as we know it...................

Today as I blog, I'm a little down in the dumps, to say the least. I know that I have so very much to be thankful for but when life hands you hurdles, they are not easy to get over. We had planned a short trip with the boys to the beach but had some unexpected expenses arise. Glenn discovered that I needed 4 new tires on my car before we could head anywhere out of town. After checking out prices all over town, we finally were able to get some tires for about $460. Then we also remembered, at the last minute of course, that my car insurance was also due. So, needless to say we have cancelled our trip to the beach. I hate it so bad for the boys more than anything. Oh well. I know things could be so much worse. I know that there are also people out there who would not even have the money to cover those expenses but just having to cancel our family vacation bc these are immediate costs just stinks. If only they would have come up a few weeks from now. Oh well. I know that there is a reason that this happened but I still am upset. So, enough of my poor mouthing.
Will has finished with T-ball and has started soccer. He absolutely loves it. It is definately going to be interesting. He is so cute out there in his little soccer attire, if I do say so myself. He is getting so tall and seems to have grown so much through the summer. He is ready for school to start back and is looking forward to being in 4K. He thinks he is such a BIG boy bc he will be in Kindergarten for 4 yr olds. Just a funny bit: This a.m. while we were waiting on the guys to put tires on my car, a guy walked in with an earring and Will said ALOUD, "Why does he have an earring on Mommy? He's not a girl." I could have crawled under my chair. I just explained that he had one bc he wanted one. Enough said......
Eli is also growing so fast. He is talking and saying so much these days. He is really becoming the little "terrible two" year old lately. He is a very strong willed child. He loves to aggravate Will at times but also wants to be right beside him doing what he does. He thinks that he is as big as Will is. He has also started sleeping with Will at night. This has actually been a great thing for Glenn and me since he is now sleeping all night. He is also excited about going back to school but not sure he really understands it all.
Other news in the fam: My sister Melissa had her baby on Tuesday. She had a girl and named her Morgan Shelby. She weighed 6 lbs and 7 ozs. She has a head full of dark hair. Mommy and baby are both doing great. Madison is VERY excited to have a baby sister. She cannot keep her hands off of her and doesn't want to leave her for a single moment. Glenn's MaMa Shaw was in the hospital bc she fell and broke her hip. She is now at NHC of Anderson for Rehab. with hopes to return to the Maples Assisted Living. She is very confused which is not uncommon for her after she is put to sleep. We are hoping and praying that she comes around as she has before. On our way to see her last Saturday, a guy pulled over into my lane and hit my car. He never even knew he had hit me. He pulled into a parking lot to talk with a bus full of guys and I got out and approached him. He acted like I had hit him and he was not worried. Once the police got there and took our statements, the evidence showed that he was at fault. Glenn and the boys were with me, luckily no one was hurt. My car has some damage, poor car. The guy had an expired temporary tag, was found at fault, no registration and most likely no ins. He gave the cop some name and number of ins. but that was Sat. and as of yet, I have not heard from them. So most likely he didn't have ins. either. This makes me so mad bc now I will most likely be paying for increased ins. bc he had none. This world is so screwed up!!! Well, I've gotta run and get ready for the day since it is 4:11 p.m. Yes, I was off today and have tried to clean house. Soccer practice at 6pm. Gotta run.......................................

Friday, August 1, 2008

Loving my Life!

There is not much share these days. Just staying busy haha. The boys only have one more week of summer camp which is so hard to believe. This summer has BLOWN by. We have done alot this summer. Work, school, church, birthday parties, camping at the lake, swimming at least once a week, T-ball games, vacation to lake with Shaw family, spending lots of time with family and friends, well these are just some of the things that have helped keep us busy this summer. For all of you who know that I have had the hardest time with the babysitter thing, PRAISE THE LORD, I have found someone to keep the boys in the fall for me. We have known her for a while and she will be finishing her job of being a nanny after 11 years with the same children. This has been such a blessing for me. I have also been lucky to have a teenage girl from our church to babysit this summer. The boys will so miss her when she starts back to school. Other news: Please keep some people that mean alot to me in your thoughts and prayers. My stepdad, Joe, has had 4 back surgeries in the past and has been having alot of pain recently. They cannot pinpoint the exact cause of pain but have given him a few different things that COULD be causing it. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating. He will be having a series of 3 injections to help alleviate the pain. Please remember him. Also, my mom has been having to work ALOT of extra hours at work recently due to a system "switch over." She has worked up to 70-80 hours in a week. This is really hard for her as she is new to all of the computer guru anyway and with all of the long hours it has been really stressful. She has been with the company for so long that there is absolutely no way that she could even think about looking for another job, so please pary for her and the other people she works with as they are in the same boat as she is. One guy who had been there for 20 years up and quit last week, which just puts even more stress on all of them. Another prayer request is for our neighbors, Daryl and Angie Key (and family). As some of you know, Daryl had a very bad motorcycle accident in May. You can read more about it through his link. I spoke with Angie this week and she has alot ahead of her. Not knowing what the future holds, she has put their house up for sale along with her car. Daryl also owns "Scotts Heating & Air" so that is another stress added on to her. Right now Daryl requires 24 care and has not really shown alot of improvement. They have a teenage son also who stays on my mind. This has been such an ordeal for this entire family and they have a long road ahead of them. One last request without too much detail: I have a dear friend that my heart hurts for. Please pray that she finds happiness & peace in a very difficult situation. Thanks and I am sure if you have not already closed my blog without reading its entirety you are bored with me so I'm signing off now.