Friday, April 18, 2008

Funny Moments!!

Hello everyone. My Will has said some hillarius things lately that I just HAD to share. Of course, I am sure that they will not be as funny to you as they were at the time but just had to share anyway. Yesterday, I ran out of gas while driving Glenn's grandpa's old car. Thought that I could make it but obviously couldn't. As I was turning into the gas station, with both boys in the back and asleep, the car just stopped. I tried numerous times to get it cranked again but with numerous attempts it just would not start. I had the air condition cut off while trying to get it cranked. All of the sudden, the car jerked really hard and woke Will up. By this time I was on the phone with Glenn trying to determine what to do and Will started to cry. He said, "But Mommy, we need a tow truck, we need a tow truck!!!" In the midst of crisis, my sweet fellow made me laugh and guess what, the car FINALLY cranked just to get me to the gas tank. Then of all things, I was on the wrong side. But finally got gas in the car.

This morning as I was getting ready and putting on my makeup, Will was talking to the cat. I saw him take Tiger's face and talk to him as I do to him and his brother at times. Then out of no where, Will said, "Mommy I was born at the hospital right?" Yes son you were. "Mommy, I came out of your tummy right?" yes son you did. Then he looked at me as serious as he could and asked, "Mommy, the cat came out of your tummy too right??" Now how do you explain THAT to a 4 year old. Laughing, I explained how we got Tiger and how he came to be. What a life lesson for first thing in the morning huh?

He is growing up so very fast and seems to be such a sponge!! He is becoming a real little man. Eli just follows behind and wants to be like his big brother so much. Eli is really forming his own little personality. They are the loves of my life, along with their daddy. We are going to a Sunday School party tonight to eat Low Country Boil, other known as Frogmore Stew and tomorrow the plan is to go to the Riverbank Zoo. Nanny and Sierra are going with us. Hopefully after tomorrow I can get more pics on here for you all to see. Until then or until something else funny happens (which may be in moments)................................

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Superhero to the rescue!!!

Well, today I am mommy to a SUPERHERO, "Will the Fireman." He has super powers that put out fires and save people. Boy, do we have an imagination huh??? It is amazing at how his little mind has really been racing lately. He admires my brother Hank and our friend, "Mr. Todd" b/c both of them work for the fire department. Anyway, that is his thing these days. As for Eli, he cannot stay out of a cooler of ice that we have. Every time that I turn around he is in there getting ice. It would not be THAT big of a deal but every time that he gets a piece it drips on my BRAND NEW hardwood floor. I am trying my best to get his "pa" (passy) away from him. He does not get it all day at school and I try and not give it to him during the day. However, he does get it at nap time and bedtime. He asks for it all of the time but I am trying. I am worried that if I take it away too quick that he may start sucking his thumb like Will and once that is started I can't take his thumb away. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. We are going to attempt to have family spring pictures made tomorrow evening. We will see how that goes. You NEVER know what to expect when we attempt pictures. Well, everyone here is doing well for the time being. I will keep you updated and will hopefully have some more pics on here soon. Until then, I am flying away with my superhero: HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

"Pokey the Turtle"

Easter Day at Nanny & Papa's

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My poor baby!!

Well, today I took Eli to see Dr. Rust at the ENT today and one tube has fallen out and the other is about to fall out. Dr. Rust offered me 2 options, to put another set of tubes in or to try some preventative meds to try and get him through the summer. He was so wonderful!! He gave me 5 weeks of Singulair FREE and then took a pill (prednisone) out of his pocket and gave that to me. He also gave me an anitbiotic to use just in case I needed it so that I would not have to get another appt with a Dr. just to get an antibiotic. I was so thrilled!!! Then as if the appt could not get any better, when I got up to the front desk to pay my scheduled $120-200, the lady told me that I had a credit there are that they would file my bill. I was ecstatic. Anyway. Just wanted to update everyone on by baby. Please keep him your prayers as we will be going back in 6 weeks for check up to see how he does.